Why Fly Inside A Plane When You Can Fly On Top Of It?

Windows are often a shining feature in any aircraft, but especially with private jets. Many of our clients prefer to fly on a specific aircraft, just because they prefer the style of window with that jet.

That’s because windows can influence the brightness and spaciousness of a cabin, helping you relax and enjoy the view while traveling.

Due to this, many aircraft manufacturers are always experimenting with new ways to bring the best views to passengers when designing new aircraft. And this month, the company Windspeed brought a new innovation to the world of aircraft: a glass bubble placed on the plane’s roof.

Yes, you could have the ability to fly on the plane’s roof.

Windspeed wishes to transform the flight experience with this new SkyDeck window – but is this idea awesome or terrifying?


Windspeed has not only designed a roof window of a plane, SkyDeck brings a completely new experience to travelers. As shown in the video below, the aircraft would be equipped with stairs or an elevator which will allow passengers to reach the canopy of the aircraft and enjoy the view from above.

Once on the roof, passengers will not only have access to stunning views, but also the latest technology allowing them to rotate their seats. On a screen, they can also follow the progress of the flight and find the location of the aircraft on a map.

For Windspeed, this invention could add to the comfort of private jets and provide a unique view. This could also help avoid boredom on long flights.


This is not the first time a manufacturer has sought to provide maximum visibility on a plane.

Currently the Gulfstream G650 has the largest windows in the charter market, while Dassault’s Falcon 5X is the only aircraft to have a skylight on board.

There are also several other projects underway. The equipment manufacturer Fokker Services has created the SkyView panoramic window for the Boeing Business Jets, which they hope receives certification in 2016.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, Technicon Design has opted to get rid of all windows completely, and instead fit the inside of its IXION aircraft with huge screens that broadcast images from the outside – or show anything you want. By getting rid of the windows, this would allow the IXION fly faster than the average aircraft.


We love new and innovative aviation ideas here at PrivateFly, and the SkyDeck is definitely one we’ve never seen before.

However, installing the bubble has a considerable price. In an interview with Business Jet Interiors International, CEO of Windspeed, Shakil Hussain, estimated the project would cost between $8 to $35 million – just to put the SkyDeck on the aircraft. That’s in addition to the regular cost of the aircraft.

That makes the SkyDeck a really important investment that can only accommodate two passengers at a time. But we have definitely seen stranger things put onto aircraft before (like a fireplace!), so the project definitely has the potential to be successful. And if it is, we would love to have the chance to try it.

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