Super-Mid Category Comparison

Super-midsize jets are very popular in the private jet charter market. They have the luxury and cabin feel of a long-range jet, but with better performance.

They can typically accomplish cross-country or transatlantic flights, but are also perfect for shorter trips where comfort is paramount.

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These jets combine transatlantic capability with the speed and comfort of a wide-body, high-altitude aircraft.

We explore this aircraft category and compare the various models within the space.


The maximum speeds of super-midsize jets range from Mach 0.8 – 0.935. The Citation Sovereign clocks in at the ‘slowest’ aircraft, while the Citation X+ at the fastest.

Top: Citation Sovereign Bottom: Citation X+

Top: Citation Sovereign
Bottom: Citation X+


The maximum ranges of super-midsize jets range from 2,900 nmi – 4,018 nmi. The Legacy 450 features the shortest range, while the Praetor 600 shows the longest – both Embraer models.

For reference, San Diego to New York City covers 2,431 nm while Washington DC to London covers 3,672 nm.

Keep in mind that the maximum range often refers to the aircraft flying at a cruising speed, often with no passengers or luggage on board – so the range with passengers will often be shorter.


Super-midsize jets have proven so popular than many manufacturers focus on the category – indeed coming out with updated models of their category.

We explore a few variants & their improvements:

Challenger 300/350

Bombardier’s flagship super-midsize aircraft, the Challenger 300, has been flying since 2004.


The Challenger 300 in flight.

In 2013, Bombardier unveiled the Challenger 350 – which features a more luxurious interior, bigger windows, an extended range & slightly faster max speed. It also sold for an upgraded $25.9M.

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Citation X/X+

The Citation X was first introduced in 1990 at the annual NBAA convention, with its first delivery in 1996.

The aircraft maintained popularity until 2012 when the Citation X+, its upgraded sister, was introduced; featuring upgraded avionics, a stretched cabin, and of course an extended range & max speed.

Legacy 450/Praetor 500

The Legacy 450 was certified in 2015 – and while it’s on the smaller end of the super-midsize spectrum, with a luxurious cabin and distinct design, it still makes an impact.

The Praetor 500. Images: Embraer

The Praetor 500. Images: Embraer

The Praetor 500 was introduced in 2018 as an upgraded version of the Legacy 450 – using its airframe and layout, the Praetor boosts the fuel capacity, giving it a longer range.

The Legacy 500 also has an upgraded pairing with the Praetor 600.

By The Numbers…

We’ve compiled all the top super-midsize aircraft so you can compare by stats:

Manufacturer  Model  Seats  Range  Max Speed 
Bombardier  Challenger 300  8-9  3100 nmi  Mach 0.82 
Bombardier  Challenger 350  9-11  3250 nmi  Mach 0.83 
Dassault  Falcon 50  8-9  3075 nmi  Mach 0.86 
Cessna  Sovereign  12  3200 nmi  Mach 0.8 
Cessna  Citation X/X+  12  3460 nmi  Mach 0.935 
Beechcraft/Hawker  Hawker 4000  8-10  3341 nmi  Mach 0.83 
Gulfstream  G200  8-10  3400 nmi  Mach 0.85 
Gulfstream  G280  10  3600 nmi  Mach 0.84 
Embraer  Legacy 450 / Praetor 500  7-9  2900 / 3340 nmi  Mach 0.83 
Embraer  Legacy 500 / Praetor 600  8-12  3125 / 4018 nmi  Mach 0.83 

While they vary very little in statistical terms, it often comes down to personal preference.

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