Swimming the Loch Ness

All of our PrivateFly team are passionate, engaging people who give their all in everything they do. And while for most that falls in the realm of aviation, for some it extends wider.

Jack McGowan, our Head of Partnerships, has been preparing to embark on quite the unique adventure. This summer, he’ll be attempting quite a feat – in the name of charity.

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We sat down with Jack to explore what this project means to him.

So what is the crux of your project?

This summer I’ll be swimming the full distance of the Loch Ness to help fundraise for Aspire, an organization that supports people with spinal cord injuries. My swim will take place on July 28th, 2019.

Tell us more about the Loch Ness.

The Loch Ness is located in Scotland, and it’s the largest body of water in the UK. The Loch is 23 miles long and the water temperature is about 46°F (about 7°C). To put it in perspective, my swim will be longer (and colder!) than swimming from England to France or across Lake Superior.

Jack will start at the "bottom" at Fort Augustus and swim up until the end, at Inverness.

Jack will start at the “bottom” at Fort Augustus and swim up until the end, at Inverness.

So my starting point will be at Fort Augustus and I’ll (hopefully!) finish in Inverness.

What prompted you to engage in this challenge?

I have always been a rather competitive person and have always tried to challenge myself. In the last few years I have ran marathons, completed my first Ironman 70.3, and won my first amateur boxing matches.

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Jack’s training has been quite rigorous. Here his father kayaks alongside for safety.

In the constant pursuit of challenging myself I came across this opportunity to swim Loch Ness – only a handful of people have completed this feat (ever) and I will be the only person to complete a Solo Attempt this year.

Is it dangerous?

It will hopefully take around 15 hours – starting and finishing in the dark, with my trusty support boat trundling alongside me for the duration to keep me on track (Loch Ness is a black Loch so it is very hard to know where you are or where you are going! You also cannot see the bottom and there are rumors of a certain monster living down there).

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Did you know that “loch” is the Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Scots word for a lake or for a sea inlet.

The boat will also be providing me with constant food throughout the swim and I have learnt a great new technique of managing to eat while floating on my back.

I will be wearing a wetsuit for the challenge and as much as goose fat as possible as it’s the favorite natural insulant of long distance swimmers.

Tell us about the charity you’re fundraising & swimming for.

Aspire is a local charity here in St Albans that does great work for people living with spinal cord injuries. They help these people live independent lives, which I think is really important.

All the Team at Privately have been extremely supportive contributing both financially and general support which has been really great.

For those that want to cheer Jack on…

If swimming isn’t exactly your forte, perhaps consider a private jet flight to Inverness Dalcross Airport.

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