Ten Fun Facts About Van Nuys Airport

Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States, with strengths in business, entertainment, culture, sports and more.

Los Angeles therefore attracts many private jet charter travelers – for both business and leisure trips.

While Los Angeles has a wide array of airports, Van Nuys Airport is the preferred choice among private jet travelers.

One of the world’s busiest airports for private jets, Van Nuys is just a 30 minute drive from downtown LA, and is the airport of choice for many Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and business executives due to its convenience and anonymity.

We took a deep dive on what makes Van Nuys Airport tick and discovered 10 interesting facts:

1. Van Nuys Airport’s creation came about in the 1920s when Los Angeles was in love with flying. Many dirt strips were carved from farmlands for airplanes, and The Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport in Van Nuys, as it was first called, was the biggest.

Van Nuys in 1930 (Source: WaterAndPower.org)

2. Today, Van Nuys has fourdifferent FBOs for private jet passengers to choose from: Signature Flight Support (East & West), Castle & Cook Aviation Services, Jet Aviation, and Clay Lacy.

3. While considered one single FBO, Signature has two distinct buildings, each with its own unique aesthetic. Signature West features a modern style while Signature East is built in the Spanish-colonialist style.

Signature East on the left, Signature West on the right.

Signature East on the left, Signature West on the right.

4. Castle & Cook has two buildings as well. The new building, which is smaller compared to the main one, has a very modern style to it. Both have their own entrance.

5. All the FBOs offer ramp access, which allows passengers to go directly from their car to the plane – many private jet passengers don’t even see the inside of the FBOs!

6. One of the most popular routes flown by private jet charter is between LA Van Nuys and Las Vegas McCarran, which is only a quick 45 minute flight.

US Newsletter Image 600x200 - LA LV

7. The airport was used as a background for scenes in the cult movie classic, Casablanca. It was also used for Hell’s Angels, Los Horizon, True Lies, Lethal Weapon, American Beauty, and Pearl Harbor.

Casablanca, 1942

8. Van Nuys was also used as a filming location for an episode of the TV show Alias, and several episodes of 24 and Entourage.

9. The airport officially opened Dec. 17, 1928 – a rather significant date in aviation history – the 25th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

10. After World War II, the city of Los Angeles bought the airport back from the US War Assets Administration for a fee of $1.

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