The Ultimate Game of Thrones Trip

Ever wanted to be closer to the action for Game of Thrones? To celebrate the eighth season beginning, we’ve updated our ultimate fantasy trip around the “real” Westeros to some of the most important locations this upcoming season.

And since we’re still waiting for the first dragon to be available for charter (c’mon Drogon), we’ve included estimated prices on three types of aircraft: small, medium and large – something a bit more comfortable to ride on than the back of a dragon.

In the words of Daenerys: “Shall we begin?”

Northern Ireland

Your journey starts where most of Game of Thrones has been filmed – Northern Ireland. Belfast has become a hot tourist spot thanks to the hit show. But if you want to see more than just the studio, there are plenty of other real-life locations to visit in the area.

Game of Thrones by Private Jet Dragonstone

Downhill Strand (aka Dragonstone)

Head over to Downhill Strand and Mussenden Temple, the setting for Dragonstone.

There’s also Castle Ward, which has been used for many scenes at Winterfell.

And rounding out the real-life locations to visit in the area, head over to Ballintoy Harbour, which was the backdrop for the Iron Islands.

Game of Thrones by Private Jet Iron Islands

Ballintoy Harbour (aka The Iron Islands)

London to Belfast

  • Aircraft: Cessna 510 Mustang (4 seats)
  • Estimated Price: $6,000 (one way)


Now it’s time to jet off to somewhere slightly warmer, starting off in Spain which has a few locations used in past episodes for Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones by Private Jet Girona

Girona (aka Braavos)

First there’s Girona, which served as the backdrop for the free city of Braavos, the previous location of young Arya Stark.

And of course, you have to see Castillo de Zafra, the castle used as the Tower of Joy in THAT scene – answering a burning question all Game of Thrones fans have been wondering since Season One.

Game of Thrones by Private Jet Tower of Joy

Castillo de Zafra (aka The Tower of Joy)

Belfast to Girona

  • Aircraft: Citation XLS+
  • Estimated Price: $20,500, one way


And finally, we head to where everyone wants to be – Kings Landing. The walled city of Dubrovnik has served as Kings Landing for many episodes and, like Belfast, has seen a spike in tourists visiting the city thanks to Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones by Private Jet Kings Landing

Dubrovnik (aka Kings Landing)

While the Lannisters still hold their position on the Iron Throne, will they still be there by the end of this season? Might be worth flying over to find out!

Girona to Dubrovnik

  • Aircraft: Gulfstream GV
  • Estimated Price: $31,500

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