Traveling By Private Jet With Wheelchairs

A question we’re often asked is if passengers can take wheelchairs with them onto the flight. When it comes to traveling with any sort of disability, traveling by private jet has many advantages that commercial airline travel just can’t provide.

PrivateFly often assists with passengers with a range of different physical disabilities, including those who might be temporarily using a wheelchair due to injury, or just need extra assistance walking.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect during your private jet flight if you’re disabled or traveling with a wheelchair.


While the boarding process for those using wheelchairs can be cumbersome in commercial airports, it is relatively simple when dealing with private flights.

Private jet terminals are often easier to navigate, and passengers can usually drive right up to the plane steps. Security checks can be conducted right in the car or near the aircraft, too.

Marco Rubio Citation XL

The Citation XL has excellent cabin space.

From there, passengers can get on the plane at their own pace, and the crew is available to help if needed.

On Board

Once on board the aircraft, the seating options available can make the experience much more enjoyable for any disabled passenger. One main advantage is the cabin layout, which has increased leg room and car seat-style seatbelts for extra security and stability. The seats themselves also lend themselves to increased mobility as they can swivel and be adjusted easily.

All these factors make it easier for those traveling by wheelchair to get in and out of their seat, and also feel secure during the entirety of the flight.

Additionally, depending on the size of the aircraft, the wheelchair itself can be stored directly in the cabin storage area for easy access. To ensure easy storage on shorter journeys, we recommend those traveling with a wheelchair use the Citation XL due to its large cabin for easy maneuverability and its roomy baggage hold. For longer flights, any larger jet will have the same room and capabilities.

Citation Longitude Interior

Citation Longitude Interior

However, if you are traveling on a budget, the King Air is also a good alternative for a smaller price. While the wheelchair wouldn’t be stored in the cabin with you, the roomy cabin and cabin doors make it easier to maneuver around as necessary.


King Air BE200 Interior

Special Requests

Prior to the trip, any special requests or requirements can be arranged to ensure that the trip goes smoothly for all passengers. Special catering needs can be taken care of and prepared to have on board for the flight.

For those with more additional or severe physical needs, whether temporary or permanent, we can arrange to have things like additional medical assistance, oxygen tanks, and more available for use during the flight.

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