Tribeca Film Fest or Coachella? Why not both?

Private jet travel can afford you comfort and ease, but sometimes the most important factor can be time-saving. When festival season is in full swing, it can be difficult to choose among the options.

Instead of segmenting your time and interests, why not pursue both? With a private jet charter, we show you how to make it happen.

The Case Study: Tribeca Film Festival & Coachella Music & Arts Festival

Tribeca Film Festival falls April 18 – 29 and Coachella’s second weekend falls April 20-22 – if you wanted to experience both in the same (whirlwind) weekend, a private jet can help make that possible.

New York City or California? Why choose when you can have both!

New York City or California? Why choose when you can have both!

Start with a quick flight from Los Angeles to Palm Springs to attend Coachella. While a fairly standard route, it’s still quite an experience to fly over the desert of California and directly into the heart of Coachella Valley.

Try a Phenom 100 for a quick 40 minute flight starting at $4,500.

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You decide that the pinnacle of your musical existence is seeing Beyonce close the festival on Saturday night – and that you’d rather jet over to New York to see the Tribeca Film Festival submissions on Sunday. After all, the first weekend of films is always the best, and this way you can catch brunch in New York before getting cultured in the film biz.

Charter this Gulfstream G650 - a top of the line long range jet.

Charter this Gulfstream G650 – a top of the line long range jet.

You charter a Gulfstream G650 to transport you from Palm Springs to New York in style and comfort. The Gulfstream G650 has the capacity of up to 18 passengers, can be configured into beds, and is the ultimate expression of luxury air travel. You’ll sleep on the plane.

Relax in this plush interior.

Relax in this plush interior.

If you leave Palm Springs International Airport at 12:30am PST and fly cross-country to Teterboro Airport, you’d land around 8:30am EST – just in time for a hearty brunch and strong coffee. Venture into the lower part of Manhattan to catch all the screenings for the Tribeca Film Fest (and potential after parties!).

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But isn’t that possible via commercial airlines?

Short Answer: not really.

Long Answer: Not in the same weekend.

You would need to drive from Palm Springs to Los Angeles (about 3-4 hours) to catch a commercial flight out to New York.

The next flight out would be the next day, Sunday. You’d waste at least 2 hours in the airport in check-in, security, and boarding.

The 5.5 hour flight would bring you to New York City in the late afternoon, where you’d waste at least another airport getting out of the airport.

At this point, it’s evening and you’ve missed the entire day’s worth of films, not to mention the discomfort of flying while crammed into a commercial aircraft, and all the fatigue it might bring you.

Now you must wait until Monday to see any film submissions, and the “can do” attitude you started with has almost been exhausted.

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