Visiting London This Summer? Changes to London’s Private Jet Airports

London continues to reign supreme as the busiest city in Europe for private jet travel. We take a look at some of the shifts coming to London’s private jet airports – and how they might affect summer travel plans.

Thinking of walking the Thames this summer?

Thinking of walking the Thames this summer?

Seasonal Restrictions at Luton

London Luton Airport sits just 32 miles north of the city and claims the #1 spot for flights into London. However, as Biggin Hill and Farnborough have grown rapidly in popularity, London Luton has waned, having only shown 2.1% growth in 2017.

Through its expansion and growth of commercial airline activity, it has lost out on private jet traffic. As airlines and private charter compete for space and slots, private jets usually lose and availability becomes an issue at peak flying times.

Availability will become even more of an issue this summer: Following a noise complaint and breach of contract, London Luton will ban all night-time flights. This means no private jets will be able to operate from 10pm – 6am from June 1st to September 30th.

London Luton previously enjoyed popularity for its 24-hour availability, especially for last-minute flights, so we expect its demand to drop over the summer peak. We also predict that London Stansted will rise to prominence as an alternative, given its round-the-clock operating hours.

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Busy summer travel plan

Be in the “know” this summer when visiting London.

Operational Difficulties at Northolt

Though London RAF Northolt has traditionally been known for its VVIP service with an emphasis on privacy, it fell out of the top 20 busiest European airports in 2017 due to operational changes; lower investment and staffing has made the airport less reliable in terms of securing a private jet slot or making any changes to a booked flight.

Unless your plans are concrete and specific, we recommend using another airport for the foreseeable future.

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A quick look at the airports surrounding London

A quick look at some of the airports surrounding London.

Safest Bets for Flying Into London

As London Luton and Northolt wane in popularity, where will private jet flights turn? We predict a rise in demand for Farnborough and Biggin Hill this summer. Both airports saw strong growth in 2017 – up 9% and 16% respectively.

Biggin Hill has installed longer operation hours as well as a huge $21M investment plan to make it a major player in London’s flight circles. It has also focused on helicopter transfers to make quick trips into the city more accessible.

London Oxford Airport might also be a viable option – though not as close as the other airports, for those aiming to head north or west of the city, it might be worth considering.

London Stansted and London Southend are also great options; Stansted is the only London airport to offer 24-hour service this summer, which will increase its popularity for last minute flights or evening travel. For those visiting east of the city, Southend’s new Stobart Jet Center is an attractive option as well.

London City Airport is always a popular choice, as it is the most centrally-located. However, it is usually more expensive to fly out of London City, as no private charter aircraft are based there.

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