Why We Love Seaplanes

Amphibious aircraft are quite the mysterious planes in the private aviation market!

These land-to-air-to-sea aircraft are designed to be versatile, reliable, and efficient. They can take off and land either on land or in the water.

While many seem to shy away from seaplanes, we find them fascinating – here’s a few reasons why:

1 –¬†Unparalleled Connectivity

In terms of offering a completely seamless experience from land to air to sea, the seaplane can’t be beat.


Especially for those landing near a yacht or island resort, the seaplane can shave valuable time off the overall transit.

2 – Part of the Experience!

Because seaplanes aren’t quite as common as commercial aircraft or even private jets, they offer a unique experience that can be incorporated into the overall trip.

grand caravan amphibian

The amphibious aircraft can offer spectacular views and a sense of arrival to the island-life.

3 –¬†Reliability

Turboprop aircraft are generally known as efficient, reliable aircraft – thus when modified into a seaplane, they retain these qualities.

Seaplanes are usually very safe, “workhorse” planes.

4 – Cost-effective

Due to their efficiency and short range, seaplanes are often a much more cost-effective option than traditional private jets.

Caribbean hopping 2_600x400

Many can seat up to 9 people, so when the cost is split among a bigger group, it can pose greater connectivity at a less-prohibitive price while still offering the convenience of private jet travel.

5 – No Airport Slots? No Problem

Because amphibious aircraft can land in the water, they can offer more options when a particular airport is busy.

Cessna Grand Caravan EX 3000x2000

Particularly in peak seasons, a seaplane can help when other options fail.

Our Favorite Models

Icon A5

This new model is a light-sport aircraft developed by ICON Aircraft. It seats 2 people and has a relatively short range, though many AvGeeks find it to be thrilling in itself!

Icon A5 plane River Landing 1280x854

Pilatus PC-6

With unique short take-off and landing capabilities, the amphibian Pilatus PC-6 is another popular seaplane model.

Pilatus PC-6 Stationary Pilatus Hangar_600x400

Cessna Grand Caravan

Most commonly found around the Caribbean, the Grand Caravan in amphibian form is efficient for both cargo and passenger flights.

grand caravan amphibian sunset on water

To book a flight on a seaplane, please contact us online or call us at (866) 726-1222.