5 types of private jet customer who fly as a group

While airline travel – and some seat-sharing or shuttle models in private aviation – charge a fixed price per person, private jet charter is priced for the whole aircraft – regardless of how many people are onboard. So the more seats you fill, the lower the cost per person.

That makes travelling as a group the most cost-effective way to fly privately and in our latest edition of our quarterly insights Private Jet Charter Trends, we saw the average number of passengers onboard rise to 4.6. Higher than the same period in 2016, and the highest we’ve seen.

Grouping up for private jet travel
The biggest proportion of our flights are in small and medium jets, with between 4 and 8 seats onboard and this increase is partly a factor of an increased average spend per flight – with some customers trading up to bigger aircraft. But it’s also a measure of private jet travellers’ growing awareness of how ‘on demand’ private charter is priced.

Private jet charter for group travel

With a private charter flight, you – and your group – benefit from flying where you want, when you want. With no delays at the airport, and a smooth and seamless travel experience.

Flying privately as a group is popular for many different types of clients, including:

1) Family flights – including private flights with children, extended family, and pets. (17% of our passengers were children in Q2).

2) Conferences and corporate events

3) Sports teams

4) Private jet travel for weddings, including hen or stag parties

5) Special occasion trips, such as milestone birthdays



This insight is part of our latest quarterly report, Private Jet Charter Trends, which looks at the booking and flying behaviour of our global private jet customers – who complete over 100,000 flight searches per month on our website and app.

Other highlights from our Q2 2017 edition include our top 10 destinations (with Nice Cote d’Azur at the very top); our fastest ever ‘go now’ arranged in just 29 minutes; and mobile surpassing desktop for the first time when searching for flights.

View more highlights from PrivateFly’s Private Jet Charter Trends Q2 2017 or email sasha@privatefly.com to request a PDF copy of the full report.

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