How fast can a private jet take off?

At PrivateFly we’ve always made booking a private jet faster and easier. But recently we clocked up a new speed record for a ‘go now‘ flight.

In May we arranged for a client to take off in just 29 minutes, from the time we received the enquiry. This is the first time we’ve been airborne in less than half an hour and it’s a great demonstration of the responsiveness of our technology, and our team.

Last minute go now private jet flights

The client wanted to return to his home city of Dublin from Nice Cote d’Azur at very short notice to attend an event. He came to us at 14.18hrs (GMT) wanting to land before 17.00hrs, and was already very close to the airport.

This was a challenge but we were able to identify a suitable aircraft already in position, and an immediate departure slot time with Nice Cote d’Azur Airport. So the client took off at 14.45 (GMT) and landed at 16.10, making his event in time for the start.

Private aviation customers’ expectations around responsiveness and service are increasing, and our unique combination of technology and an expert team is evolving to meet them.

We can fly at very short notice if required, and regularly do so in a matter of hours. Many customers want to fly in a hurry – last quarter 22% of our flights were booked to fly the same day or next day.

Our previous speed record was 32 minutes, so we were thrilled to arrange this take off in less than half an hour.


This insight is part of our latest quarterly report, Private Jet Charter Trends, which looks at the booking and flying behaviour of our global private jet customers – who complete over 100,000 flight searches per month on our website and app.

Other highlights from our Q2 2017 edition include a 39% increase in average spend per flight; an increase in number of passengers per flight (up to 4.6); and more children onboard (they represented 17% of our passengers).

View more highlights from PrivateFly’s Private Jet Charter Trends Q2 2017 or email to request a PDF copy of the full report.